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QRContactGuard for iOS

coded by innoLABvation GmbH


Explore the possibilities of sharing digital business cards via QR Code - fast and with full transparency. Easy and safe.

With this app you can easily share your own contact details and other contacts - like of colleagues or friends - from the contact list of your mobile. You do not want to share your private address within the business environment? No problem - just select the data you like to transfer. On top of that, you can always display the content that will be transferred via a QR code.


How to use QRContact Guard?

If you do not want to read all of this, please note the following information in order to use the basic functions immediately:

  • If the QRContactGuard asks for access to the contacts, please grant it.
  • Select your Me contact from the Contacts in the settings.
  • Select "Configure Profiles" once in the settings. This initially reads in the labels from the details of your Contacts. You can then close the view immediately or continue configuring the profiles.



The main page Me displays your digital business card based on the data entered in the contact list of your iPhone. The Me page is displayed after the app was launched . You can choose the respective contact via Settings ➞ My Business Card. You have on the Me page the option to

  • display the data contained in the QR Code as text (see Settings ➞ Show Transferred Data)
  • choose between different profiles (see Settings ➞ Configure Profiles)
  • adapt profiles (by pressing longer on the QR code, to return slide down profile page)

Page Me 1
Page Me 2
Page Me 3
Page Me 4


On page Other you can easily select another contact stored in the contact list of your mobile (e.g. to share the contact of a colleague of yours). As on page Me, you have the option to display the content of the QR code as text, to choose between different profiles and to change them, to increase the brightness of your screen and to share the contact via Share Sheet.

Page Other 1
Page Other 2


Page Scan can transfer content of QR codes, data matrix codes, barcode etc. to your mobile. If necessary, the camera light can be switched on, e.g. for scanning from paper in dark environment.

Page Settings


You can configure and customize the app on page Settings.

Page Settings


For two profiles, you can choose the data that should be contained in your digital business card via Settings ➞ Select Transferred Data. The contact labels are retrieved from the contact list of your mobile. The number below each label reflects the count of the specific label in your address book. New labels in the address book are displayed as *New Label*. They are disabled by default.
Orange indicates private contact details (e.g. home address). If you change labels, the page changes to Save-As-mode. Then you can store your changes of the unsaved profile by tapping on the respective profile button above. To leave the Save-As-mode, tap on < Save As >, which activates the Profiles-mode. To recall the profiles you have saved, tap on the profile buttons in Profiles-mode.

Page Profiles 1
Page Profiles 2
Page Profiles 3


You can start the app with a Launch Screen (see Settings ➞ Launch Screen ➞ Show). The launch screen can be adapted with your own logo (see Settings ➞ Launch Screen ➞ Choose Your Logo from Photo Library/Documents).

Launch Screen


You can create a QR code directly from Contacts via action extension in Share Sheet. Note that the brightness of your screen has to be increased manually if necessary.

Action extension in Share Sheet
Action extension in Share Sheet
Action extension in Share Sheet
Action extension in Share Sheet


Please note: QRContactGuard is available on iPhone running iOS 15 or later. For the main functionalities of the app, access rights to Contacts are mandatory, to Camera and Calendar are optional. In consideration of privacy aspects and data protection, the app does not

  • transfer any data to any server,
  • save any data from your device,
  • save any data processed within the app,
  • create any log files.
All operations work locally on your devcie. To use the app, no internet connection is required. This app uses 3rd party licences. For more information click here.


For any questions, please contact: contact mail address We make every effort to achieve perfect results. If you nevertheless discover bugs in our apps, please contact us. We will check it out and give you feedback.


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Last update: 15.04.2024